Claims handling – Property


What to do when a potential claim has occurred ?

Immediately following the occurrence of damage

  • Take all possible steps to mitigate the impact of the damage and to reduce further damage occurring (e.g. repair of the damaged water pipe, temporary repair of the roof covering, etc.)
  • Please make a detailed record of all damage sustained , taking photos of the damage and surrounding property
  • Please report the claim to the insurance company and follow their instructions as to the next steps to take
  • Do not carry out full repairs of the damaged property or remove the damaged property unless authorised to do so by the insurer

When to call the police?

Whenever it appears that the circumstances of the damage are suspicious it is necessary to call the police.


What information do you need to provide when reporting a damaging event?

  • number of the insurance policy
  • full details of the insured (first name and last name/company business name, date of birth/ company ID number (IČO)
  • date and location where the damage occurred and the extent of damage
  • bank account number to be used for the settlement of the insurance claim


On receipt of your report the claim will be registered on the claims system and you will receive notification of the claims reference number via e-mail or by Telephone.


How is the claim adjustment processed?

  • Once registered, as outlined above, the claim is entered onto the claims system and the claims reference number is notified to the insured by e-mail or by phone.
  • The insured is thereafter contacted by the claim adjuster.
  • According to the type and extent of the damage the insured will be contacted by a claims technician to arrange an inspection of the damage or to request additional information or request documents to facilitate the claims adjustment. It is not always necessary to carry out an inspection, usually for simpler claims.
  • Once in receipt of all necessary documentation the claims adjuster shall assess the claim and calculate the amount of damage.
  • The insured shall be notified in writing once the claims adjustment process is completed and on the method through which the claim will be settled eg crediting a bank account.

If following a review of the circumstances surrounding the claim, it becomes clear that no settlement is justified, the insurance company will , in writing, notify the client on the results of the claims investigation and provide an explanation as to their decline the claim.


The following documents may be required when undertaking the claims adjustment:

  • All delivery notes, purchase agreement, payment confirmation , etc.)
  • Details and invoices regarding repair costs
  • Evidence to support that the damage cannot be economically repaired Expert’s opinion

Documents to download


Reporting a claim is quick and easy using our Online Claim Reporting website. The claim will be registered in real time in the insurance company’s system and you’ll immediately receive the claim number allocated to your claim.

Online claim reporting

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