General Third Party Liability Insurance


General third party liability covers damages that the company may cause as a result of the insured activity to third parties in the form of damage to property or damage to health. Under this insurance and in the event of an insured event, the insured company is entitled to request the insurer to compensate the damage caused to a third party, provided that the company is liable for such damage.

Under the general third party liability insurance the insurer shall compensate:

  • Damage to property
  • Damage to health or death
  • Subsequent property damage, including lost profits
  • Costs incurred to prevent damage or decrease its extent
  • Costs of legal defense in connection with claims for damages made against the insured

General third party liability insurance covers:

  • any damage caused during the performance of insured activities specified in the insurance policy
  • any damage caused by work defect or product defect
  • any damage caused by the exercise of ownership rights, administration and operation of real estate used for the performance of insured activities
  • damages caused by the operation of social and recreational facilities for the benefit of the employees of the insured and caused by the organization of corporate events
  • operation of static advertising equipment owned by the insured In the basic insurance coverage, the insurer automatically provides:
  • territorial validity within the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland
  • insurance against damage caused by work defects and defective products
  • damage to real estate that have been leased or handed over for use to the insured on the basis of a written agreement in order to perform the insured activity
  • damage to stored items belonging to employees
  • damage to items brought in or stored, which belong to visitors
  • damage caused by listeria or salmonellosis

Advanced insurance coverage

The insurance can be extended by the following additional insurances:

  • recourse claims of the Social Insurance Agency and health insurance companies related to work-related injuries of the insured’s employees
  • coverage for products placed on the market before validity of contract
  • liability of the insured for damage and destruction of movable things that the insured has taken over for the purpose of performing the ordered activity (items taken over)
  • liability of the insured for damage and destruction of movables that the insured has taken over for use in order to perform its operational activity (items used)
  • any damage that does not directly result from material damage to property or damage to health (net financial losses)
  • liability of the insured for damage to property due to sudden and unpredictable leakage of pollutants (accidental pollution)
  • any damage caused by damage to elevated and underground lines
  • damage caused by vibrations or demolition works
  • coverage for co-insured persons operating as direct subcontractors of the insured
  • liability insurance for damage caused by withdrawing a product from the market